2 Seater Sofa Beds Help You Sleep & Relax Better

Because of the cost of properties these days, most homes require a spare bed to accommodate a guest but don’t have the extra space to accommodate a guest room. Fact is, few people can afford keeping a space that only becomes useful on occasion. A 2-seater sofa bed is an excellent piece of furniture to have around the house. If you need further convincing, here’s why:serra_2_seater_1-966x450

1. It saves a lot of space. A 2-seater sofa bed is not as bulky as a regular size one. Even if both fold up for easy storage, a 2-seater takes up only a fraction of the space a full-size does. You’d easily be able to cram it in a wall closet or at the bottom of your linen cabinet, maybe even under your bed.

2. It is enough as a spare sleeping space. More likely than not, you’d only need to accommodate one person to sleep over at a time. A 2-seater sofa bed is wide enough for one person to sleep comfortably on. If space is a scarce commodity, there’s no sense spending for a regular-size if you’re only looking for bare essentials.

3. It looks like it should. When a 2-seater sofa bed is propped up for extra seating purposes, it looks like a piece of furniture. When it’s rolled out to be slept on, it looks like a bed. This chameleon-like versatility a great advantage. You may be living in cramped spaces but it doesn’t always have to look perpetually like a bedroom.

Choosing Your 2-Seater Sofa Bed

Lest you think it’s a brand name, 2-seater sofa bed is a generic. You’d find plenty to choose from. It would be good for you to think about a few considerations before you decide on which one to buy.

There’s the style/type to consider, for one. Pull-outs are the most common and has been the market standard over several decades, at least in America. They’re called as such because you literally have to pull the mattress out from inside the sofa, after of course, removing the sitting cushions.  Then there are those that simply fold up as sofas and unfold as beds without pulling strings or levers.

There’s also the comfort level. Not all two-seater sofa beds are as comfortable sitting on as they are sleeping on and vice versa. Some are more comfortable as sitters than sleepers; others are better used mainly as spare beds. But if you’d like maximum utility both excellent sitting and sleeping quality look into European sofa beds.

One Final Pitch

It may not sound as romantic as love seats or queen-sized beds but make no mistake about it. A 2-seater sofa bed is romantic on top of its many practical benefits. Imagine inviting your date to come up for a night cap on a cold winter night. The fire’s going, giving your living room a warm glow. Your 2-seater sofa bed currently propped upright is the only furniture in the room. Your date is on half of it. And as you hand them their drink, you drop on the empty space beside them. What happens next is your game.

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Add a Touch of Style to Your Living Room

The living room is the central focus of the whole house, so it is important to choose the right furniture to make it look as attractive as possible. You can find a range of living room furniture to create a nice ambiance in your home and make it a place you really want to show off.

Coffee Tables

coffee tableYou don’t want any spillages on your floor when guests are round, so coffee tables are the perfect way to ensure this doesn’t happen. Wood furniture such as coffee tables will create a really rustic look in your living room and will last for a long time, so you can get plenty of wear out of them. You can find coffee tables with extra room where you can store magazines and newspapers.

Fire Surrounds

Fire surrounds really help to create the ‘wow’ factor in your living room and act as the central focus. They can really give the place some atmosphere and create a more homely feeling in the room. You can choose fire surrounds to suit your own personality, as there are many styles to suit all personalities.

Book Cases

If you are a bit of a book worm, book cases in wooden furniture will allow you to store them, so they do not create a mess in the home. They can also help to create a nice atmosphere in the living room, when you have guests round. You can find book cases in all sizes and styles, to suit your own individual personality.


Shelving units are an ideal way to get rid of clutter in your living room and are a great way to save space. Wood furniture really helps to create a look which is inviting to others and will help your home to stand out. You can use your shelving to store the little bits and pieces you usually have lying around. Shelves come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit.

TV Stands

TV stands offer a way to save space and get rid of clutter, as you can store your DVD’s, DVD player and any games consoles you have. If you prefer wooden furniture, you can find TV stands in lots of wooden styles, which will go well with any other wooden furniture you have in the living room. TV stands will help to keep everything neat and tidy in your home, so you can welcome guests in to your home without worrying about the mess.

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Some Supplements That Can Help In Preventing Hair Loss

The common question that arises in many people’s mind, who is 30, 40 or 50 years old, is that what preventive steps and supplementation can be taken to reduce the hair loss? The hairs need plenty of nutrients to nourish the hair follicles in the scalp. So it is obvious that, to keep the hairs healthy, eating a balanced diet is necessary. It promotes healthy hair follicles and hair growth.

A balance diet includes equal amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The most common cause of hair loss is crash diets which have become a part of our life. This has also been claimed by Dr. Shari Lieberman who is an exercise physiologist and a nutrition scientist at University of Bridgeport. She says that: “I have seen a lot of cases of hair loss that occurs because most of the women’s doesn’t eat enough proteins. Many of them are ingesting lots of carbohydrate and they are avoiding proteins.”

In order to keep the hairs healthy, a diet rich in protein, good carbohydrates and essential fatty acids are necessary. Vitamin or mineral imbalances can cause many problems that can lead to hair loss. Vitamin A is important for hairs. Its deficiency can cause flaky scalp but on the other hand its excess can also lead to hair loss. Supplements taken on daily basis can prevent hair loss.

But these supplements should be taken at an average dosage suggested by the physician, otherwise too little or too much of it can also cause hair loss. Below are given some important things that can help in preventing early loss of hairs.

a) Evening Primrose Oil and Flaxseed Oil. Both of these oils can help to reduce hair fall. These oils are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for healthy and strong hair.

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is a special fat found in evening primrose oil. This GLA is converted in the body to a hormone like compound called prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are anti inflammatory compounds which are very helpful against eczema and skin allergies. It is recommended to take 1000 mg of evening primrose oil three times a day. This oil will prevent flaking and shedding of skin on scalp which in turn prevents hair loss.

Designs for Health – Flaxseed Oil Caps 1000 mg 120 gels

b) Flaxseed Oil: this oil contains lignans. Lignans is a compound that can help in fighting against cancer, viruses, bacteria and fungi. 14mg of this oil daily can boost the growth and health of hairs and nails.

It also speeds up the healing process of lesions in scalp that can contribute to hair loss. Recently a researched was done to see that whether this oil is effective in preventing hair loss. The research included a total number of 10 men aged from 20 to 70.

These men were suffering from varying stages of male pattern baldness. The research showed that 8 out of 10 men had improvement in their hair loss condition. One man didn’t show any improvement and the remaining one man showed great improvement.

The research concluded that the daily numbers of hair loss decreased and in 50 percent of the subjects there was a decrease in secretion of oil in their scalp.

c) 30mg of zinc daily is helpful for people who have hypothyroidism. Zinc increases the activity of thyroid gland and in this way it reduces the hair fall.

To maintain a proper balance of minerals in the body it is necessary to take zinc along with copper (2mg a day). Copper can delay graying of hairs as it contains melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives color to the hairs and skin. It is believed that zinc can also affect the levels of androgens which are involved in genetic hair loss.

d) To prevent the flakiness of hair Biotin (1K mcg a day) and Vitamin B-50 Complex (1 tablet twice a day) should be used. They also help to reduce oiliness of scalp and they also strengthen the hairs.

The other preventive measures that should be taken to prevent hair loss include a scalp massage at least once a week. Scalp massage increases blood flow to the scalp and helps to reduce stress which can cause hair loss.

It is better to wear a hat when going out. This will protect the hairs from damage done by excessive sunlight. Hair treatments like permanents and coloring should be avoided as they can damage the hairs and increases hair fall.

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