Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun Safe

The Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun Safe with Combination Lock is a highly durable and compact safe with a host of enhanced safety features. To begin with, its body is constructed with heavy-gauge steel, which is ideal for optimal protection. Besides, it has 3 dead bolts and 3 live-action locking bolts, apart from concealed hinges. Its 3 number combination lock features a drill-resistant and especially hardened steel plate. With these features, breaking into this heavy-duty best gun safe is virtually impossible.

The capacity of this safe is 8 guns, and it is actually spacious enough to hold 8 separate rifles or 52” shotguns. Its inside part is carpeted, so that the guns or valuables stored inside are completely cushioned and safe from damage. It also has a separate shelf for valuables other than guns. Users will appreciate the exclusive barrel rests and standoffs, which are designed for scope rifles and really improve space utilization in this product. Besides, the molded barrel rests of this gun safe are highly durable and built to last generations. The weight of the product is 160 pounds and its external dimensions are 15 ½” x 12 3/8” x 53″.

Technical Details

  • Heavy-gauge steel body for optimal protection
  • 8 gun capacity, for rifles and 52” shotguns
  • 3 live-action locking bolts and 3 dead bolts
  • Exclusive Stack-On barrel rests and standoffs
  • Combination lock; carpeted interiors
  • Weighs 160 pounds

Stack-On GS-8 8 Review

Users who buy Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun Safe with Combination Lock should be happy to know that they are investing in a very secure product that offers excellent value for money. It’s very solidly constructed, and possible thieves have hardly any openings to exploit. Its locking bolts are pry proof and its combination lock is protected by a tamper proof, hardened steel plate. It can be installed in a number of ways, but users agree that the best place for it is a closet corner, as burglars may be able to pry it off floor mounts and walls. For further safety, it should be anchored.

Users should bear in mind that it is an economy safe, and it is highly unfair to compare it to heavy-duty fire-proof safes that weigh in the range of 600-1000 lbs. This one will certainly not be able to keep high profile robbers or fires out, but on the whole, it is a very reliable investment for most situations.

One snag with the Stack-On GS-8 8-Gun Safe with Combination Lock, according to a few users, is that its packaging and shipping is not up to the mark. On several occasions the safe has been received dented or damaged, and at times, users have had to ship it back. However, extreme occurrences have been rare, and most damages have been cosmetic in nature. The good thing is that Stack On’s customer service is very good, and they are always willing to cooperate and sort out problem situations. Check out some of the best fire proof gun safes.

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Joovy Strollers

This is probably the best two seat stroller out there and I am not just saying this, I have actually read a lot of reviews of this stroller and the parent that own it are very happy with every aspect of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight.

What makes this stroller so special and why wouldn’t you just go ahead and buy one that is cheaper, like one of the Jeep double strollers? Well, because if you have two children of different ages and sizes, they will surely not fit properly in the Jeep double stroller. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight is special because it can seat two different age children, a smaller one in the front and a larger one in the back seat.

The great thing about it is that your older child can actually stand securely in the back seat holding tight to the handles. This gives your child the freedom he or she wants while making sure that safety is not left out of the equation. The front seat is also extremely safe and comfortable, with a perfect padding material and a great padded harness.

It has also proved to be extremely reliable, with people having used the Joovy Caboose Ultralight for more than 20 months. Everything works perfectly with this stroller even after intense usage with two children. It will still be great to use in tight spaces and around the house as well.

The price might look a little higher, but I can assure you that there are no better options in this price range. In any case, considering that this is a two seat stroller, I would still say that it is great and useful for the parent. By the way, the parent storage area is great as well. It is large enough for the things you would like to fit in there ad it is also extremely safe with the zipper and everything.

This is he perfect stroller for you and your children that are not the same age. One of them is younger and can’t walk yet, but even if your older child is already walking, he or she will need a rest every now and then, so this is the perfect option for you and your back. Don’t mind the price because the Joovy Caboose Ultralight is the perfect investment in terms of strollers and baby accessories.

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12 foot trampoline

Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure Set is a budget combo that will appeal to most families. The circular jump mat is weather-resistant for long-term use in the outdoors. The frame is also corrosion resistant, using quality galvanized steel tubing. For easier home assembly, the tubing comes with patented T-joints and a clamping tool. The Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline legs have a unique W-shape for stability, while 88 steel springs take care of the bounce factor.

This Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline meets ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety requirements, with features like thick foam padding over the springs and PVC frame cover. The 250-pound maximum weight capacity makes it safe for children and most adults to use, for fun or exercise. The Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline enclosure adds an extra layer of safety, especially for smaller children. Easy to set-up, it has elastic net straps and a convenient zipper for getting in or out. The high quality mesh is UV-resistant, providing sunscreen protection for kids.

Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline Features and Specifications

Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline:

Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline weight capacity: 250-pound
88 springs, high performance steel
Galvanized steel tubing
No-weld, patented T-joints
Polypro weather-resistant jump mat
Foam rail padding
ASTM approved
Assembly instructions and tools included
Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline warranty: 2-year limited


6 UV-treated mesh sleeves
Sewn-in elastic net straps
Zipper enclosure for easy in-and-out
Rust-resistance frame
Steel clamps for leg poles
ASTM approved
Assembly instructions and tools included
2-year limited manufacturing warranty

Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline Reviews

The Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure Set seems to be very popular with owners, with a vast majority of the reviews being positive. Almost every owner found this set easy to assemble and the product’s quality to be on the higher side in the price range. One owner did mention a major problem, with a tear appearing in the jump mat after less than 3 months of use. However, she also mentions that the manufacturer immediately provided a replacement after looking at email photographs. Click here to know more about best trampolines.

Most of the reviewers had no problems assembling the Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline, though a couple have mentioned they received old versions of the manual. This led to some confusion, since this version does not specify which direction the open-end of the steel pipes should face. These need to face up for proper insertion of the 88 springs. A few reviews also mentioned problems with the Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline while inserting the patented T-joints into the pipes, but these were solved with a mix of elbow grease and petroleum jelly.  The enclosure is much easier to assemble, based on detailed reviews. One reviewer did point that since the six mesh panels comes in 2 colors (3 of each color), using them alternatively helps with the looks. Most owners seem to have taken 2 to 3 hours for the complete assembly (Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline plus enclosure).

Once assembled, the Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure Set gets very positive feedback on user experience. Most reviewers mention that their kids totally loved the trampoline. The firmness of the mat and stability of the W-shaped legs are also praised. Parents talk of their “peace of mind” thanks to the enclosure. One of two owners did mention doubts about the thickness of the safety padding on the edges. However, none of the owners mentioned any actual incidents. The Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure Set is a great value combo, with a complete fun package for parents of young children; we give it our recommendation as a safe buy. Check our Amazon link above to see the lowest price for the Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline

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Drumming Tips – How To Tune Drums

Well tuned drums are absolutely essential, if you want to sound good. The unfortunate fact is that many drummers don’t know how to tune their drums. Playing an out of tune instrument is really no fun, even a great drummer can sound terrible. In this article we’ll talk about why tuning is important and what techniques to use in order to tune your drums.

We’ll begin with why – why is tuning important? The number one reason is probably because you will sound better if you play a well tuned instrument. It will also be easier to play and you will get much more out of it. Plus, you will prolong the life of your drums. Remember to see some electronic drum set reviews before finally buy one.

Okay, what do you need in order to tune a drum set? Not much – you’ll need a drum key, a good ear, and a bit of patience. As far as tools are concerned, you’ll only need a drum key. But, of course, it will take time to develop a good ear, so patience is also important.

Tuning is a delicate process and you have to be careful not to damage the drum heads. It must be done correctly. Many beginners do this wrong. For example, there is a common myth that you have to seat the new head by tensioning it down. This is not true and can actually damage the head. And if the head is damaged, you won’t be able to tune it correctly no matter how good your ear is.

Go slowly, don’t rush it. Break it in naturally. Patience is important. It’s essential that you learn proper techniques like for example – the opposite lug tuning sequence. With this technique you move back and forth across the drum and not around in a circle. This way you’re tightening more evenly.

Now, I won’t lie to you, tuning a drum set is not going to be learned overnight. But it’s definitely worth your time and with the right instructions it’s really not that difficult.

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7th central pay commission news

Finally the wait was over on 20.11.2015 when central seventh pay commission report was submitted to the government. The employees in general are disappointed to see this report which is below their expectations when the salary was calculated with this 7th pay commission calculator.

This report is the most conservative in the history all pay commissions in the past. They have recommended least amount of increase in the pay scales as compared to the previous commissions.

Generally it is expected that there will be substantial increase in the pay of government employees as the pay commission comes once in 10 years.

But this is over now and people are calculating their salaries as per new pay commission. There are number of different sites which tell the new salary as on 01.01.2016. You can see latest 7th pay commission calculator and pay scales here.

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Dehumidifier buying guide

Welcome to Dehumidifier Ratings! Are you in the market for a dehumidifier? You have come to the right place for dehumidifier reviews and dehumidifier ratings. We specialize in researching and providing the info you need to make an educated dehumidifier purchase. This website strives to provide you with the most accurate investigated information for each model on the internet. Making it easy for you can make an informed buying decision. If you are you looking to remove excess moisture from your basement, home, or bathroom then a dehumidifier can make a huge difference in the required humidity level of your house.

A dehumidifier can be a major purchase for your household. The cost ranges from $150 to $400 depending on the noise level, bucket size, quality, and dehumidifier power. Before you decide which model and size to buy please take advantage of all the dehumidifier ratings we have on this site. You will find it will provide you with a wealth of knowledge before spending your hard earned money. These days the internet makes it easy to compare models, features, and prices. E commerce websites provide you with hundreds of different models to choose from, so you aren’t stuck with the 2 your local hardware store carries. Our goal is to do our
best to keep up on the newest makes and models to provide you with the most up to date dehumidifier reviews and dehumidifier ratings.

Who needs a dehumidifier?

Every home really needs a dehumidifier for your house. A dehumidifier is a very important piece of home equipment. Dehumidifiers work bypassing the air over very cold metal coils. The air connects with the metal coils. moisture condenses and then the air becomes drier. The air is then brought to the same temperature as the room and recycled into the environment. These also help to protect your gun safes. For more on gun safes check here.

Comfort: Dehumidifiers are great for your own comfort. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air in house. It then gives
the air the ability to absorb perspiration and sweat. This makes you and your family feel more comfortable. When placed in a
basement a dehumidifier removes that musty mildew smell as well as that damp, clammy feeling most experience.

Health: We all know that the most important thing in life is your health. Dehumidifiers help keep your air healthy and
breathable. When the humidity in your home reaches 50% it becomes a haven and breeding ground for mold, mildew, and mites.
Allergy and asthma suffers can benefit most because a dehumidifier can reduce the severity of your symptoms when kept at a
constant level.

Taking care of your home and belongs: Moisture and condensation can destroy your belongings. If condensation forms in a home that is too humid it can cause problems to your wall covering, furniture, and windows. Paper backed drywall is used in most home these days and if moisture is introduced can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Dehumidifiers will to protect against these damaging organisms.

What Size dehumidifier do I need?

This is one of the most common questions asked when in the market for a dehumidifier. The question really should be how much humidity you need to get out of your space. Unfortunately this is not a straight forward as one would hope. Basically the best rule of thumb to live by is the higher the humidity, the higher the dehumidifier pint size you want to buy. Below are our recommendations:

Living Area Estimates:

  • Bathroom or Living Area: 25-30+ Pints
  • 2nd Floor/Above Ground Rooms: 30-40+ Pints
  • Utility or Basement: 50-70+ Pints
  • Multiple Rooms/House-wide Humidity Problem: Whole House Dehumidifier
  • Warehouse/Large Storage Area/Commercial Area: Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifier

Room size by square foot estimates:

  • 400 square feet: 20-30+ Pint
  • 800 square feet: 35-40+ Pint
  • 1000 square feet: 50+ Pint
  • 1300 square feet: 65+ Pint

Keep in mind these are not concrete facts only suggestions. It will definitely depend on your circumstances and environment. Keep our mantra in mind. The higher the humidity, the higher the dehumidifier pint size you want to buy.

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2 Seater Sofa Beds Help You Sleep & Relax Better

Because of the cost of properties these days, most homes require a spare bed to accommodate a guest but don’t have the extra space to accommodate a guest room. Fact is, few people can afford keeping a space that only becomes useful on occasion. A 2-seater sofa bed is an excellent piece of furniture to have around the house like a top rollaway bed 2016. If you need further convincing, here’s why:serra_2_seater_1-966x450

1. It saves a lot of space. A 2-seater sofa bed is not as bulky as a regular size one. Even if both fold up for easy storage, a 2-seater takes up only a fraction of the space a full-size does. You’d easily be able to cram it in a wall closet or at the bottom of your linen cabinet, maybe even under your bed.

2. It is enough as a spare sleeping space. More likely than not, you’d only need to accommodate one person to sleep over at a time. A 2-seater sofa bed is wide enough for one person to sleep comfortably on. If space is a scarce commodity, there’s no sense spending for a regular-size if you’re only looking for bare essentials.

3. It looks like it should. When a 2-seater sofa bed is propped up for extra seating purposes, it looks like a piece of furniture. When it’s rolled out to be slept on, it looks like a bed. This chameleon-like versatility a great advantage. You may be living in cramped spaces but it doesn’t always have to look perpetually like a bedroom.

Choosing Your 2-Seater Sofa Bed

Lest you think it’s a brand name, 2-seater sofa bed is a generic. You’d find plenty to choose from. It would be good for you to think about a few considerations before you decide on which one to buy.

There’s the style/type to consider, for one. Pull-outs are the most common and has been the market standard over several decades, at least in America. They’re called as such because you literally have to pull the mattress out from inside the sofa, after of course, removing the sitting cushions.  Then there are those that simply fold up as sofas and unfold as beds without pulling strings or levers.

There’s also the comfort level. Not all two-seater sofa beds are as comfortable sitting on as they are sleeping on and vice versa. Some are more comfortable as sitters than sleepers; others are better used mainly as spare beds. But if you’d like maximum utility both excellent sitting and sleeping quality look into European sofa beds.

One Final Pitch

It may not sound as romantic as love seats or queen-sized beds but make no mistake about it. A 2-seater sofa bed is romantic on top of its many practical benefits. Imagine inviting your date to come up for a night cap on a cold winter night. The fire’s going, giving your living room a warm glow. Your 2-seater sofa bed currently propped upright is the only furniture in the room. Your date is on half of it. And as you hand them their drink, you drop on the empty space beside them. What happens next is your game.

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Add a Touch of Style to Your Living Room

The living room is the central focus of the whole house, so it is important to choose the right furniture to make it look as attractive as possible. You can find a range of living room furniture to create a nice ambiance in your home and make it a place you really want to show off.

Coffee Tables

coffee tableYou don’t want any spillages on your floor when guests are round, so coffee tables are the perfect way to ensure this doesn’t happen. Wood furniture such as coffee tables will create a really rustic look in your living room and will last for a long time, so you can get plenty of wear out of them. You can find coffee tables with extra room where you can store magazines and newspapers.

Fire Surrounds

Fire surrounds really help to create the ‘wow’ factor in your living room and act as the central focus. They can really give the place some atmosphere and create a more homely feeling in the room. You can choose fire surrounds to suit your own personality, as there are many styles to suit all personalities.

Book Cases

If you are a bit of a book worm, book cases in wooden furniture will allow you to store them, so they do not create a mess in the home. They can also help to create a nice atmosphere in the living room, when you have guests round. You can find book cases in all sizes and styles, to suit your own individual personality.


Shelving units are an ideal way to get rid of clutter in your living room and are a great way to save space. Wood furniture really helps to create a look which is inviting to others and will help your home to stand out. You can use your shelving to store the little bits and pieces you usually have lying around. Shelves come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit.

TV Stands

TV stands offer a way to save space and get rid of clutter, as you can store your DVD’s, DVD player and any games consoles you have. If you prefer wooden furniture, you can find TV stands in lots of wooden styles, which will go well with any other wooden furniture you have in the living room. TV stands will help to keep everything neat and tidy in your home, so you can welcome guests in to your home without worrying about the mess.

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Some Supplements That Can Help In Preventing Hair Loss

The common question that arises in many people’s mind, who is 30, 40 or 50 years old, is that what preventive steps and supplementation can be taken to reduce the hair loss? The hairs need plenty of nutrients to nourish the hair follicles in the scalp. So it is obvious that, to keep the hairs healthy, eating a balanced diet is necessary. It promotes healthy hair follicles and hair growth.

A balance diet includes equal amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The most common cause of hair loss is crash diets which have become a part of our life. This has also been claimed by Dr. Shari Lieberman who is an exercise physiologist and a nutrition scientist at University of Bridgeport. She says that: “I have seen a lot of cases of hair loss that occurs because most of the women’s doesn’t eat enough proteins. Many of them are ingesting lots of carbohydrate and they are avoiding proteins.”

In order to keep the hairs healthy, a diet rich in protein, good carbohydrates and essential fatty acids are necessary. Vitamin or mineral imbalances can cause many problems that can lead to hair loss. Vitamin A is important for hairs. Its deficiency can cause flaky scalp but on the other hand its excess can also lead to hair loss. Supplements taken on daily basis can prevent hair loss Remember to use some great quality hair straighteners like these to reduce the damage. These flat irons should be use less frequently as they will result in some damage if used for long periods of time regularly

But these supplements should be taken at an average dosage suggested by the physician, otherwise too little or too much of it can also cause hair loss. Below are given some important things that can help in preventing early loss of hairs.

a) Evening Primrose Oil and Flaxseed Oil. Both of these oils can help to reduce hair fall. These oils are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for healthy and strong hair.

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is a special fat found in evening primrose oil. This GLA is converted in the body to a hormone like compound called prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are anti inflammatory compounds which are very helpful against eczema and skin allergies. It is recommended to take 1000 mg of evening primrose oil three times a day. This oil will prevent flaking and shedding of skin on scalp which in turn prevents hair loss.

Designs for Health – Flaxseed Oil Caps 1000 mg 120 gels

b) Flaxseed Oil: this oil contains lignans. Lignans is a compound that can help in fighting against cancer, viruses, bacteria and fungi. 14mg of this oil daily can boost the growth and health of hairs and nails.

It also speeds up the healing process of lesions in scalp that can contribute to hair loss. Recently a researched was done to see that whether this oil is effective in preventing hair loss. The research included a total number of 10 men aged from 20 to 70.

These men were suffering from varying stages of male pattern baldness. The research showed that 8 out of 10 men had improvement in their hair loss condition. One man didn’t show any improvement and the remaining one man showed great improvement.

The research concluded that the daily numbers of hair loss decreased and in 50 percent of the subjects there was a decrease in secretion of oil in their scalp.

c) 30mg of zinc daily is helpful for people who have hypothyroidism. Zinc increases the activity of thyroid gland and in this way it reduces the hair fall.

To maintain a proper balance of minerals in the body it is necessary to take zinc along with copper (2mg a day). Copper can delay graying of hairs as it contains melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives color to the hairs and skin. It is believed that zinc can also affect the levels of androgens which are involved in genetic hair loss.

d) To prevent the flakiness of hair Biotin (1K mcg a day) and Vitamin B-50 Complex (1 tablet twice a day) should be used. They also help to reduce oiliness of scalp and they also strengthen the hairs.

The other preventive measures that should be taken to prevent hair loss include a scalp massage at least once a week. Scalp massage increases blood flow to the scalp and helps to reduce stress which can cause hair loss.

It is better to wear a hat when going out. This will protect the hairs from damage done by excessive sunlight. Hair treatments like permanents and coloring should be avoided as they can damage the hairs and increases hair fall.

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